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“One of the best if not the best day trading rooms. I join this room two weeks ago and have to say Kavan is a super day trader, every morning we get brief at around 09:00 eastern time by 09:30 we are ready for action, if you looking for picks you are sure to get top stocks for that day."

Manuel L

"Wow, thank you for this site! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first on how well I would do. I decided to give this a try and see what would happen. Following Kavan, I made 134% in two days. He talks you through each trade and why he is taking the trade. "

Cody B

“Solid Trading Room Overall. Kavan goes over the stocks he is watching before the open each day with clear entry levels. He is also helpful and quick to respond to any questions members have. ”

Mark M

"Great room with accurate and profitable picks After having traded more than 12 years profesionally I have traded on my own for two years with some good results. But i missed one thing. That is being around a group of other enthousiastic traders that share their ideas and insights."

Huub M

$6482 VDSI Feb 17
$374 WM Feb 17
$900 AIG Feb 13
$2404 BIDU Feb 13
$998 FEY Feb 13
$830 CRIS Feb 13
$7139 AAPL Feb 12
$1799 BP Feb 12
$809 TRIP Feb 12
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